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Will Mechanical Parking Garages Replace Traditional Garages In The Future?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

When there are more and more mechanical parking lots around us, some people start to produce a mechanical parking garage instead of the traditional garage. Is this assumption true? Is it possible to replace the traditional garage with the mechanical parking garage? In fact, looking at the history of garage development, we can find that people start from the initial outdoor parking, to the existing mechanical parking garage, mobile garage, etc., the development and change in the middle is accompanied by people's changing attitude towards the surrounding things.

In the beginning because of family car is relatively small, so the car is parked on public roads, because passing cars are not many, so people don't think there will be inconvenient, but with the improvement of people's economic level, more and more people buy cars, so said parked cars on the road more up, so there would be cars in the past is very inconvenient, so people began to think of his car collection, this does not affect the appearance does not affect the traffic. And the same reason for the emergence of mechanical garage.

As more and more cars, when the garage area is more and more big, the residential area is relatively small, so people began to think of ways to make a parking garage, mechanical parking garage, covers an area of relatively small lot, the same space can store more cars, then naturally saves a lot of space. However, mechanical parking garage because of the need of special operations and require regular maintenance, so a short time is not possible to replace the traditional garage, two of them is probably the largest deposit market and common development, and in the coming future, who is better, it also needs to give the future.

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