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What Is The Difference Between Smart Parking And Three-dimensional Parking
- Mar 27, 2018 -

With the rapid growth of vehicle ownership, the traditional parking system has been unable to meet people's needs, which has promoted the upgrading of parking system. Intelligent parking system has become an urgent need for owners. So what kind of parking equipment is intelligent? We have to understand that the intelligent parking lot and the three-dimensional parking lot are two different concepts. The intelligent parking lot is a general name for parking control, a modern parking lot charging and equipment automatic management, and a high-tech electromechanical integration product controlled by the parking lot entirely by computers. The three-dimensional parking lot is a kind of mechanical stereoscopic garage, which belongs to the special equipment. It can be said that the three-dimensional parking lot may be an intelligent parking lot. Intelligent parking system is the use of high-tech means to manage the vehicle, its function is very advanced, such as vehicle identification system do have a car card out of the vehicle with the real name system, parking guidance or reverse vehicle tracking system, to effectively guide and manage the parking of vehicles, unmanned parking lot management, the intelligent system greatly to improve the management of parking, reduce labor costs, but also help the owners to quickly find parking spaces, such as pay. The same as the intelligent parking lot, the three-dimensional parking lot is also an effective way to solve the parking problem. The biggest advantage is to make full use of the parking space of the city, creating more parking in a limited area, a parking lot may be the introduction of advanced intelligent operating procedures, such as vehicle recognition system, vehicle charging system, the stereo garage control by computer, realize unmanned operation, the intelligent parking field. It may also be a traditional garage management model, which is managed by the specialized personnel operating the command vehicle.

Although the cost of the intelligent parking lot is high, the advantage of its fast and convenient has become the choice of more and more car owners, and it is also the inevitable product of the social development. Zhejiang double gold is a professional stereo garage manufacturer. Currently, the three dimensional parking facilities mainly include simple lifting, lifting and traversing three-dimensional garage. In the future, the company will continue to increase technological innovation and enter the intelligent parking industry.

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