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What Is The Convenience Of A Three-dimensional Garage?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The emergence of stereo garage manufacturers can solve the problem of urban traffic congestion and difficult to get cars. According to the vehicle access of the three-dimensional garage, it is safe, convenient and fast. The three-dimensional garage is a hot topic in large and medium-sized cities. The State Economic and Trade Commission has classified the “Urban Three-dimensional Garage” as “the key technology development in the industry in the near future”. With the increasing number of family-owned cars, there is a problem of conflict between cars and green spaces in public places and communities. It will become more and more prominent. As people's quality of life and environmental awareness continue to increase, the "garage" is becoming a hot topic. The mechanical autostereoscopic garage will show itself in newly-developed real estate and commerce.

Stereoscopic garage is an effective tool to increase parking lot capacity, increase revenue, and increase parking revenue. Compared with the underground garage, the safety of people and vehicles can be more effectively ensured. If the person is in a garage or in a position where the vehicle is not parked, the entire electronically controlled equipment will not operate. In the automobile era, Guangxi Three-Dimensional Garage Network vigorously developed the three-dimensional garage industry, keeping pace with the times, and assisted public places, real estate companies, hotels, and residential communities to vigorously solve the problem of parking difficulties, and persisted in mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win results in practical economic and trade cooperation. Principles, mutual tolerance, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and common development. The

In the 15th National Invention Exhibition Project, the first inventor of the non-occupied three-dimensional garage mentioned in the traffic and construction category: This invention is a non-occupied three-dimensional garage, including: a pass frame, which allows vehicles to pass normally. A garage group fixed on a pass frame, which is a multi-storey structure, each floor including at least two or more unit garages for storing vehicles; a vertical elevator provided in a garage group and a pass frame; lateral movement A rack that can be moved between the lift and the unit garage; an invoicing exchange device that can place the vehicle on the transverse rack on the unit garage or can retrieve the vehicle on the unit garage on the transverse rack; control mechanism It controls the storage or removal of vehicles.

The new high-quality steel selected by the steel structure not only can improve the strength and rigidity of the equipment, but also is beautiful in equipment, and the load plate is assembled using a galvanized sheet, which is aesthetically pleasing and durable. Mechanically, there are many new materials and new technologies for the application. Independent parking buildings suitable for underground plazas and existing buildings to renovate parking facilities, planning and construction should pay attention to the surrounding environment, allow for the integration of conditions, availability of external corporate or PSA layouts, and increase economic efficiency. In the planning and construction of some parking facilities, taking the parking facilities of construction machinery as the center, and taking full account of the various needs of the surrounding environment, landforms, and service groups, the three-dimensional parking facilities will be built into regional service centers to develop their comprehensive benefits. The

The mechanical garage can be completely diverted from the management. The use of mechanical storage in underground garages also eliminates the need for heating and ventilation facilities. As a result, power consumption during operation is much lower than that of underground garages managed by workers. Mechanical garages are generally not made as a system, but as a single unit. This can give full play to its advantage of less land, can be integrated into zero, in each residential group or under each building can be randomly set up mechanical parking. This provides a convenient condition for solving the problem of parking difficulties in a community with a shortage of garages under the eyes.

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