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The Necessity Of Constructing Mechanical Three-dimensional Parking Garage In Parking Lot
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The three-dimensional parking lot is a new type of parking mode popular in today's society. The main purpose is to provide services for car owners through mechanized parking. In the early stage of design, the three-dimensional parking lot should consider various factors. In addition to the building structure, it also needs auxiliary design such as guiding system, floor, traffic safety facilities and intelligent design. These designs are all in the design. Conducted under the premise of traffic organization design. At the same time, the operation management and traffic organization design are indirectly related. The design of the parking lot cannot be separated from the original management mode of the parking lot. The parking lot has many different aspects in terms of usage characteristics, personnel quality and turnover rate. These differences should be fed back. In the design of traffic organization, the operation management and traffic organization design is a cyclical process as a whole, so we design the parking lot as a systematic project. Achieve a unified design to solve the parking lot problem. Of course, we can only solve a single parking problem, not a parking problem. 

From the perspective of the owner or developer, the traffic organization design, the guidance system design, the floor design, the traffic safety facilities, the intelligent design, and the operation management of the single underground parking lot have corresponding service organizations, such as parking lots. The traffic organization design may allow the architectural design institute to design from the perspective of the building, and some buildings or projects that Party A pays more attention to will be handed over to the transportation consulting company. Under the current development model, the owners and the designers of various service organizations need to have a comprehensive design concept, how to improve the service level of the yard together.

From the perspective of the parking industry, builders, equipment manufacturers and developers have more contacts, and their design concepts and understanding are relatively lacking. Therefore, companies like ours need to integrate the parking lot design. There are research on equipment and systems, and we provide design and management services in a number of ways in combination with these layers. After several years of instilling the concept of the developer, coupled with the developer's own emphasis on commercial parking lot projects, developers have gradually recognized the need for integrated design.

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