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The Mayor Of Yangzhou Visited Our Construction Of Wisteria Park Garage Project
- Jun 08, 2018 -

On 22 September 2015, by our design, manufacturing, installation "Wisteria Park in Yangzhou three-dimensional garage project" fully put into use, the project is dominated by the Yangzhou Municipal Government Era South Golden Eagle Square comprehensive renovation project of the main project is one of project since the beginning of the planning and construction is very much to the leadership of the municipal government attention. Recently, Yangzhou City Mayor Zhu minyang, vice mayor Ding Chun, Wen Daocai and city leadership and visiting investigated the use of the project, and gave a high evaluation.
Wisteria garden stereo parking garage project something about 22 meters, about 15 meters north-south, about 21.64 meters high, ten layer PCs type vertical lifting mechanical parking equipment. A total of six entrances, total 120 parking spaces; the project was completed and put into use, will effectively ease the Yangzhou Wenchang Pavilion shopping near the parking problem.
In addition, the project through the reasonable construction craft, parking garage on the east side of a strain 730 years history of ancient trees Wisteria is well preserved, style garage exterior styling, wisteria park garage project not only alleviate the surrounding parking problem, but also for the surrounding environment to increase the beautiful scenery line.

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