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The Difference Between The Three-dimensional Garage Plane Moving Class And The Vertical Lifting Class
- Aug 08, 2018 -

The difference between the three-dimensional garage plane moving class and the vertical lifting class

Plane mobile parking equipment refers to the use of transport trolleys or cranes to move vehicles on the same floor, or to make the vehicle plates traverse horizontally to achieve access to parked vehicles, or to use portable trolleys and elevators to achieve multi-layer plane mobile access Mechanical parking equipment for parking vehicles. It is a three-dimensional garage that is automated and large-scale.

The vertical lift type parking garage is also called a tower type three-dimensional parking garage. It is a mechanical parking garage that accesses the vehicle by traversing the vehicle or the vehicle board by the lifting and lowering mechanism of the hoist and the traverse mechanism mounted on the hoist. This kind of garage generally has two cars as one level, the entire storage garage can reach 25 floors, can park 50 cars, covers an area of about 50m2, and the average car covers only 1-1.2m2, so in all three-dimensional storage The garage type has the highest level of floor and space utilization.

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