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Mechanical Parking System Mixes Together With Chinese Traditional Architecture Perfectly - Project Of Taixing MinAn Square
- May 03, 2018 -

Recently, the PPY horizontal shifting mechanical parking system (4-layer underground) in Taixing MinAn square was put into operation; it was designed, manufactured, and installed by Parktec. The garage covers 9700 m2, and divided into south and north parts. South part can park 114 vehicles and north part can park 200 vehicles, total 314 parking spaces. It is the garage with the most parking spaces, highest intelligence and largest floor area so far in Taizhou city. Moreover, this garage has 5 elevators and can work at the same time, to reduce the waiting time.


The biggest characteristic of the project is the ground floor only for parking and taking, and system operates silent underground with PLC control and VVVF design, completely solved the noise issues to the surrounding residents. The lifting speed is 30m/min and carrier speed is 40m/min. Meanwhile, the access of north part has the Chinese traditional architecture style, to highlight the combination of cultural background and modern technology.


The project of Taixing MinAn square, as a mark of civil air defence and people-benefit project, obtained the wide welcome and praise from local citizens.

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