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Mechanical Parking System Constructed By PARKTEC In Erqi District Of Zhenzhou Put Into Service
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Recently, the 10-layer and 12-layer vertical lifting mechanical parking systems, which are designed, manufactured and assembled by PARKTEC, in Erqi district of Zhenzhou was put into service.

This project is constructed for administration service center of Erqi district, which is located in the intersection of Xingyun Road and Duanwu Road in Zhenzhou. It has three areas, maximum 12 layers and total 124 parking spaces. Each area can park 4-row vehicles to make the full use of the floor space; in addition, the comb type pallet and elevator have the advantages of fast parking/retrieving and easy operation. This project solved the parking problems of staffs and visitors, which gets consistent praises from the government leaders of Erqi district and property management company.



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