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Knowledge Of Car Parking In A Three-dimensional Garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

One, the key to the operation of parking in a three-dimensional garage

1. Observe the rear view mirror to confirm the safety after the car, and then turn on the right turn light.

2, the right foot oil, that is, release the accelerator pedal.

3, the right foot pedal brake pedal (the strength of the pedal should be divided into three light heavy \ light processes)

4, the left foot step on the clutch pedal (the timing of the clutch pedal is reduced to 10km/ hours at the speed of the car)

5, tighten hand brake. (you must pull the hand again after the car stops.)

6. Take the gearshift lever to the neutral.

7, lift the clutch pedal, and move the left foot to the lower left of the clutch pedal.

8, and finally the right foot loosens the accelerator pedal.

9. Unlock the seat belt.

10, observe the rear view mirror, confirm the safety of the side and rear of the car, open the car door and get off, and close the door properly.

Two, when parking, the "light and light" general predictive parking is done. When the right foot is stepping on the brake pedal, the distribution of strength should be completed in three stages to ensure that the parking is stable.

1, the first stage of the "light" means that when the brake pedal just stepped on the brake pedal, the force should be light, so as not to produce greater inertia to lead to the front.

The 2 and second stage "heavy" is after a slight slowdown in the first stage, the speed has decreased, so we should continue to step on the brake pedal. That is to say, the speed of 80%-90% should be controlled in the second stage of "heavy".

The 3 and third stages of "light" mean that when the car is about to stop, the brake pedal should be lifted slightly to alleviate the second stage heavy inertia of the brake pedal. Then, "light" on the brake pedal, the car will be able to stop smoothly.

Three. Use of the steering wheel in parking

1, turn on the right turn light, observe the right back side of the body to confirm the safety, two seconds after the right to hit the first direction.

2, when the front of the car's front engine cover is located at the edge of the road, the second direction is gradually left to the left.

3. When the body is parallel to the edge of the road, third directions are hit to the right to correct the wheel.

Four. The problem of rational use of clutch pedal during parking

The new student is worried that there will be dragging or flameout when stepping on the brake pedal, slowing down and stopping. It is always incorrect to step on the clutch pedal first and then step on the brake pedal or both feet while pressing the clutch and brake pedal.

The correct operation method is: first use the right foot on the brake pedal to slow down, the car speed to 10km/h again when the clutch pedal, in order to give full play to the role of the engine braking traction resistance, thereby reducing the abrasion of the clutch.

Only when the vehicle speed is below 10km/h, low speed driving, when driving, turning and reversing, can we first use the clutch pedal to step on the brake pedal or clutch pedal, while the brake pedal moves at the same time.

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