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Jiangsu Province, The Largest Intelligent Three-dimensional Garage Into The Use Of
- May 22, 2018 -

Jiangsu Province, the largest intelligent three-dimensional garage into the use of

Recently, Parktec design, manufacture, installation of the Haian people's Hospital of three-dimensional garage project put into use. The project is currently the largest intelligent three-dimensional garage in Jiangsu Province, a total of 10 sets of PCS vertical lifting mechanical garage composition, the maximum for the 12 layer, a total of 248 effective number of parking spaces.
Parktec give full consideration to the car sales market gradually with the growth of SUV models, stand in Haian hospital car garage project planning and design the 40 for SUV parked in the parking lot, very good solution to the different models of the parking problem. At the same time, the garage project is also equipped with a vehicle length, ultra wide, ultra high detection, vehicle automatic rotation, video surveillance and a series of safe and convenient intelligent system.
The project put into use not only effectively solve the problem of Haian people's hospital parking is difficult, but also greatly ease the pressure on the central region of the traffic.

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