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Intelligent Stereo Garage Type
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The intelligent three-dimensional garage is classified into its plane structure and can be divided into plane and three-dimensional. The plane is divided into underground plane parking garage and above-ground plane parking garage. The intelligent three-dimensional garage can be divided into self-propelled three-dimensional parking garage and semi-automatic. Stereo garage and fully automatic stereo garage. The three-dimensional parking garage refers to the facilities of various non-planar parking vehicles. The intelligent three-dimensional garage is generally composed of six parts: steel frame, rotary table (with embedded type), monitoring console, conveyor, elevator and auxiliary equipment (fire, power distribution, anti-theft mechanism). The intelligent stereo garage can be roughly divided into three types: mechanical, self-propelled and semi-mechanical.

The main types are:

Lifting and traversing parking equipment

This type has many forms, strong adaptability to the site, low requirements for civil works, can be built in the open air, or can be built on the ground and underground of the building. The scale can be large or small, and can be carried out according to different terrains and spaces. Arbitrary combination and arrangement, high space utilization, quick access to the car, easy to use and maintain, and low cost. According to experience, a control unit of 15 to 25 vehicles is more suitable. Suitable for duplex car garages.

The working principle is as follows: each parking space has a loading board, and the loading board that needs to access the vehicle moves to the ground floor by raising, descending and traversing, and the driver enters the garage, accesses the vehicle, and completes the access process.

Simple lifting mechanical parking equipment

This type is a parking device that accesses the vehicle by means of the lifting mechanism or the tilting (swinging) of the vehicle board. This kind of garage is generally a quasi-unmanned way, that is, the way people leave the car after driving to the car board and then move the car. The structure is simple and the operation is easy. Suitable for above-ground outdoor plazas, basements, and small villas.

Vertical lifting car library

It can also be called a tower-type intelligent three-dimensional garage, which realizes the mechanical parking of the vehicle by traversing the vehicle or the vehicle board by the lifting and lowering of the hoist and the traverse mechanism mounted on the hoist.

The working principle is: lifting the vehicle or the vehicle board to the designated floor by the lifting mechanism, and then feeding the vehicle or the loading board into the storage space by using the traverse mechanism mounted on the lifting mechanism; or, conversely, specifying by the traverse mechanism The vehicle or the loading board on the storage space is sent to the lifting mechanism, the lifting mechanism is lowered to the vehicle entrance and exit, the storage door is opened, and the driver drives the vehicle away. Generally, two cars are used as one level. The entire storage garage can be up to 20~25 floors, and can park 40~50 vehicles. The floor space is less than or equal to 50 square meters, so the space utilization rate is the highest in all kinds of garages. It is suitable for high-rise office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, comprehensive commercial buildings and other land-intensive projects and renovation of the old city.

Roadway stacking car garage

It can be set outdoors (usually fully enclosed), indoors, above ground or underground depending on the site. The storage rate is high, safe and reliable. A roadway stacker and carrier are responsible for between 50 and 100 vehicles. The number of parking spaces per floor is generally more than 20, and the number of floors is generally two to six. . Roadway stacking mechanical parking equipment includes stacker and lifting trolley type, and the parking structure can be independent all-steel structure or reinforced concrete structure.

Plane mobile parking equipment

This type can reduce lane area, increase parking density, and increase space utilization. Plane mobile parking devices are further divided into single-layer plane traverse, single-layer (or multi-layer) plane movement. The parking equipment can be built on the ground and underground, and the equipment is safe, reliable, high in automation, high in access efficiency and high in space utilization. Mainly used in large garages, outdoor parking lots, intelligent three-dimensional garage manufacturers, especially for both the parking space required and the ground can be used for green space.

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