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How Should The Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Stereo Garage Be Done?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The main reason for the phenomenon of the stereo garage smashed cars do not parking and maintenance of product quality uneven factors and service units. During the operation of the three-dimensional garage, the normal wear and tear caused by the continuous movement and friction of the mechanical parts. If well maintained and maintained, it is very important to improve the condition of the equipment and to maintain and maintain the solid garage. How to maintain and maintain it?

The specific methods are as follows:

1. do a good job of training and assessment of maintenance and maintenance personnel, and adopt the management system of holding on post.

2. establish a perfect maintenance system and standard, set up the ledger, and do a good job of maintaining the log work.

3. the power system and control machine of the equipment are checked regularly and regularly. If the product quality and design excellence, maintenance personnel to form a good habit and maintenance quality, domestic manufacturers and users of stereo garage, heavy manufacturing, light maintenance and maintenance; heavy price and ignore the quality of the products, in the course of time will inevitably affect the stereo garage products product quality and service life.

4. the main components and safety facilities of the equipment are checked item by item and lubricated well.

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