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Advantages Of Intelligent Three-dimensional Garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Intelligent stereo garage is becoming more and more popular because there are many advantages over traditional garage.

High land use rate

The parking capacity of the intelligent three-dimensional garage is large. The area is small and can also be parked for various types of vehicles, especially cars.

Coordination of appearance with building, convenient management

Intelligent three-dimensional garage is the most suitable for shopping malls, hotels, front office buildings, tourist areas. The style that can be built is consistent with the style of the surrounding buildings. And the degree of automation can be very high, basically without special operators, one on duty personnel can be done alone.

Easy to use, safe and reliable

Intelligent garage with complete security system, such as obstacle check device, emergency braking device, to prevent a sudden falling device, overload protection device, leakage protection device, super long and super high vehicle detection device and so on, if applied to the public, can also be equipped with fashion, meet the requirements of charges. The access process can be completed manually, and the computer equipment can be fully automated. This also provides a large space for future development and design.

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