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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Parking Modes
- Mar 27, 2018 -

With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of cars is increasing rapidly. The increase of cars means that the demand for parking lots is increasing, and various parking modes emerge one after another. The parking mode can be divided into two ways: self - walking parking and mechanical parking.

(1) self walking parking mode and its advantages and disadvantages

The self - walking parking mode includes the plane self - walking and the three-dimensional self - walking. Plane self parking is the way that the driver directly drives the car line into (out) the plane parking berth, including roadside parking, underground parking, flat parking and parking on the ground. Go from stereo parking mode is inclined lane between the driver through the parking space layers, will be the car to the parking garage or parking platform on the three-dimensional way, self-propelled mechanical garage parking platform building and steel structure of two forms including reinforced concrete buildings. The advantages of self propelled parking parking is convenient, but it covers an area of large self-propelled parking in the city is not high is adopted, each parking space covers an area of 25 square meters in terms of China existing cars reached one hundred million, means that the parking area is 25000000000 square meters, this is any city are not the consumption of land resources! Stereo self-propelled parking parking mode relative to the plane to improve the space utilization, increase the number of parking and the advantages of mechanical parking mode is to reduce the lane area, improve land utilization, saving resources.

(2) mechanical parking mode and its advantages and disadvantages

Mechanical parking mode, including mechanical plane parking and two kinds of parking. Mechanical plane parking is mainly to reduce lanes in order to make full use of the land area, and use mechanical equipment to place the car on the plane. Mechanical parking allows the car to be stored in a three-dimensional parking space or taken out of the parking space by mechanical equipment. This parking mode is favored by more and more people, including commercial land, residential, hospitals and other organs, and mechanical parking not only saves the position area, make full use of the space, the space utilization ratio of building a self-propelled parking garage is increased by 75% and reduce expenses and operation is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. To improve the appearance of the city, to reduce traffic accidents caused by roadside parking!

Mechanical three-dimensional parking is a fully automated parking mode. It is the direction of transformation of parking mode in the future, especially in a difficult and demanding city.

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