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Which parts are made up of the vertical lift stereoscopic garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Now, it can effectively alleviate the problem of parking at present because of the existence of vertical lifting stereo garage. However, for many of the components of this device, many people do not know it. So let's have a common understanding today.

Vertical lift type three-dimensional garage is usually composed of mechanical components, electric drive system, photoelectric detection system and PLC control system.

A vertical pile, loading plate, cantilever, lifting frame, sliding and mechanical protection device including mechanical system of this equipment; including electric drive system and the main drive motor, motor, compensation level up to the motor and motor is the horizontal moving device; lifting device and moving machinery and motor etc. to the equipment, the whole part can be moved transversely or lifting movement, the lifting and horizontal mobile users can easily realize parking and taking the vehicle.

Finally, want to tell you is, because the garage is almost always uses a modular design, so can be increased from several to hundreds of parking spaces, the device is not only applicable to the ground in the parking lot, but also suitable for the underground parking lot, even for the semi underground form is very convenient; in addition the overall equipment not only flexible form, and it covers an area of small, greatly improving the utilization rate of the space.

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