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What is the parking lot location guidance system?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The parking lot location guidance system is generally composed of three parts: data acquisition system, data publishing system and data management analysis system. The main function of the data acquisition system is to collect the parking information in the parking lot in real time and collect the data to the data processing center. The main function of data publishing system is to distribute the spare parking information in each partition of the data processing center through wired or wireless way to the LED display screen at each entrance or exit of the parking lot or the intersection of all the main roads. The data analysis and management system mainly completes the function of statistical analysis and printing report of the real-time data received by the data processing center.

Working principle: after the installation of the equipment, the user first set a good number and sensitivity parameters on the collection terminal. The number begins at 1, the number is continuous, and the system works normally. The terminal numbered 1 is defaults to the data center by the system.

After the data center is determined, the following operations are performed on the center:

(1) setting up the total number of the parking lot and the total number of collecting terminals (that is the total number of entry and exit);

(2) setting the address of the first space display screen (the first address), the other areas of the display address is based on this automatically add one;

The total number of vehicles and the number of existing empty cars in each area are set up.

(4) the entrance terminal corresponding to each partition of the associated flow;

The export terminal corresponding to each partition of the associated flow

After the following settings are completed, the system can enter the working state.

When a vehicle through the acquisition terminal coil, acquisition terminal detects the passing direction of the vehicle and at the same time count, relevant information will be sent via the CAN bus to the data processing center; data processing center to calculate the partition of the parking information according to the information provided, and through the CAN bus by way of broadcasting the district parking information release to each of the data acquisition terminal; after data acquisition terminal to broadcast information receiving areas of parking information through wired or wireless mode to transmit to the LED screen; each LED display has an encoding address, the address and number one parking area only corresponding to each LED, so the screen will display the corresponding parking partition the remaining parking information.


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