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What are the problems that should be paid attention to when the parking system is installed?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

With the development of technology, the parking lot system is developing towards the networking, intelligent and unmanned direction. So this requires the parking lot system to have good quality and stable performance, but if the parking lot system is installed properly, it will also bring some unnecessary trouble.

Parking lot system installation, first we should pay attention to the installation position and gate control machine, because the installation position is appropriate or not related to the user is convenient to use, generally we recommend between gate and machine control distance of at least 2.5 meters, because the distance is too near may make the owners of parking card when the front road will encounter therefore, we suggest that the gate rail, gate control machine and the distance is the best at 3.5 meters; the second lane width of the parking lot is the gate control and machine installation is one of the important factors that affect the vehicle lane is too narrow and smooth, so we suggest that the width of 4.5 meters; in addition, now parking install surveillance cameras are systems, surveillance cameras and gate location to install to a suitable distance, because the camera view range to cover the vehicle card car The location of the card, so we generally suggest that the distance between the camera and the gate is about 1 meters. Finally, the size of the box, the location of the deceleration belt and the location of the control center are all important factors that we should pay attention to when we install the parking lot system.

The current parking lot system more and more widely used, such as commercial Plaza parking lot, residential parking lot fees, government agencies, airports, but the use of different demand of different requirements for the parking lot of hardware and software of the system, but no matter what kind of parking lot of the installation requirements must be strict and meticulous.

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