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Vertical lift parking equipment
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Vertical lifting type parking equipment used is called elevator garage, also known as the tower garage, it is stored in the well distribution of parking spaces around, then do lifting movement in a hoistway by lifting mechanism, mechanical parking equipment for vehicle access function.

This garage general each layer can save two cars, the garage in general more than 10 layers, 20-60 cars can be parked, and covers an area of less than 50 square meters, so it has very high plane and space utilization, has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, safe and reliable, simple operation, convenient maintenance etc.. The most suitable for the construction of urban areas in the city center.

In 1920s, there had been an elevator type parking garage. At that time, a car elevator was used as a lifting tool, and the driver (or parking) had to access the vehicle with the car. By the late 60s, the metropolis of Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries all appeared the problem of parking, which made the three-dimensional garage develop and popularize. Europe, Germany, Italy and other countries began to build large elevators and tridimensional parking lots. At this time, mechanical translocation and access vehicles were realized without drivers and cars. By the end of 80s and early 90s, with the rapid development of computer technology, programmable technology and AC frequency conversion technology and mature, elevator garage to lift as the core began to rise in Japan, Europe and the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other places, become a mainstream mechanical stereo garage.

The vertical lifting parking equipment is mainly composed of steel skeleton, lifting device, transverse moving device, parking detection system, electric control system, safety protection system, automatic fire fighting system and so on. It is a high-tech product with high technology content.

The working principle of vertical lifting type parking equipment is: when parking, with lifting mechanism of vehicles and car carrying board to the designated floor, and then installed in the lifting traversing mechanism on car vehicles and car to save; take the car, the traversing mechanism of stereo garage will be designated parking spaces on the deposit vehicle and car carrying out into the lifting mechanism, the lifting mechanism decreased to exit the vehicle left.

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