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Seven problems facing the lifting and shifting stereoscopic garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

1. The promotion angle of the three-dimensional garage is not accurate, and there are serious problems in equipment selection. The garage is ultimately used by the driver. What the driver is most concerned about is that the parking process is convenient, safe and fast, and the vehicle should not be damaged during parking. Nowadays, the types of equipment used in Jinan are mostly semi-auto garages. The general feeling for most people is that they are inconvenient and insecure. The stereoscopic garage can best attract the driver's advantage. The manufacturing company did not express it during the promotion. At the same time, it was rough in the aspect of the exterior design. It could not fully consider the driver's safety feelings and caused the driver to feel unsure about the mechanical garage.

2. Not enough awareness. Now people talking about the garage for most users generally feel that: turn a few laps to get to the underground garage, underground garage lighting is insufficient, and the form of the complex, can not find the elevator after stopping the car, very inconvenient. In fact, in recent years, the new stereo garage has solved most of the problems mentioned above, but people's awareness of the new stereo garage is far from enough.

3. Fluency is lacking. There is a misunderstanding in the construction of parking garages. It is believed that the greater the number of parking spaces is, the better the garbleness of the garage is neglected. In order to increase the parking space, the lane is designed to be 4.5 meters wide, making access to the vehicle very difficult. With the continuous increase in the capacity of the library, this type of library design with troublesome access to and access to the vehicle will cause the garage to fail to operate properly, resulting in the failure of the project.

4. The width of the parking space is too small and entering the garage requires high driving skills. Because some manufacturers reduce the cost, the width of the designed vehicle-carrying plate (ie, parking space) is less than the normal standard. One car seat is full and only one car can be parked. There is no place for people to stand at all. As a result, even if the car was parked on both sides, even the doors could not be opened, or the car could barely be parked, and the narrow aisle had to come out against the car body. This kind of width is a test for novices. It is not like the ground. It doesn't matter if the car is stopped or the edge of the car is stuck. If the car in the stereo garage is not in place, there is a danger.

5. Store car priority, to extend the pickup time. According to the design rules of the parking garage, the parking space of the garage is the most difficult to pick up, and the time for picking up the car cannot exceed 2 minutes. However, due to the consideration of the priority design principle of the storage car, it is actually difficult to achieve such a standard. Picking a car often requires a long waiting time. time. Therefore, we can often see a three-dimensional parking garage that only covers the ground floor. There are only a few cars on the second and third floors. The three-dimensional parking garage has become a parking lot on the ground. The use of space advantage has not been shown.

6. Management and maintenance cannot keep up. Many managers of the garage are actually just a simple operator. They do not understand equipment maintenance, do not pay attention to routine maintenance, and even the small problems in the garage can not be resolved. After a failure in the three-dimensional garage, the management personnel spent only half an hour to find maintenance personnel, and the maintenance staff just solved the problem by pressing a few buttons, and the user expressed disappointment in the management level of the garage. Some garages are not used for a long period of time, and electrical, chain, and transmission equipment all have potential safety hazards. When they are used, they are not debugged or checked, and they are prone to accidents.

7. There is no remedy after the failure. Once the garage is out of order and the maintenance time sometimes reaches several hours or even one day, the retained vehicles in the garage cannot be properly removed, which seriously affects the owner's use and brings a bad influence on the three-dimensional garage products. So far no company has proposed a better solution for this situation. The three-dimensional garage should have spare measures that can be implemented immediately, just as if the elevator is broken and people cannot get upstairs or downstairs, I am afraid there are not many people who dare to use the elevator.

Now that many problems have been solved, we will continue to work hard to provide everyone with a more convenient and convenient three-dimensional garage.

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