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Parking lots of smart parking and relieving the difficulty of parking
- Mar 27, 2018 -

50 million parking gap is a big problem in Chinese city management; industry tens of trillions of valuation, is pregnant with enormous business opportunities for investment in the city. In recent years, national policies continue to encourage the construction of intelligent parking facilities social capital investment, profit model of smart parking industry to accelerate the forming, equipment sales, yard construction, government procurement of services, parking lot management and parking service, is the focus of investors and entrepreneurs, intelligent parking lot, roadside parking, parking and sharing parking is the main direction of investment.

Low concentration of resources, insufficient information level and backward intelligent management are the fatal short board for the management of parking operation in China. From the construction experience of developed countries, to fully tap the resources of roadside parking increased parking in the construction of city center and transportation hub of underground parking building and mechanical parking are the effective way to solve the parking problem. Although China started late in the field of parking industrialization, it caught up with the wave of smart traffic. Sharing parking is also a great pioneering undertaking in the industry, and the potential of overtaking corners is unlimited.

"The traditional parking operation mode does not meet the objectives and planning of city static traffic management, can not meet the needs of enterprise development" under the new environment, Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee of the economic committee, a visiting professor at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Dumont intelligent transportation to Juan CEO that, for a long time, China parking industry profit potential is depressed, the main reason is that the relevant policies and regulations not perfect, low degree of marketization and industrialization, lack of stamina, leading to high investment cost, long payback period. Today, big data, AI and other new technologies are subverting the traditional business logic. PPP and Internet finance are also trying to reshape the industry capital ecosystem.

In the United States, parking lot is rare in the city infrastructure profit project one, attracting many companies to invest in the construction, in Japan, operates 2-3 parking revenue is equivalent to a senior civil servant income level, parking space as a scarce resource value to the real show. The Chinese owners, fuel costs, parking fees, insurance expenditures are rigid, but there is a very resistant to most of the owners spend parking, and parking administrator Shuaqi "peek-a-boo" game, which is to collect parking fees to earn the profit of enterprises, is undoubtedly a great blow. The introduction of smart parking system, not only make the evasion behavior scares, financial book more clearly, the labor cost pressure release, enhance the profitability of the business.

As a leader in intelligent transportation China rich experience in the development of intelligent transportation, Dumont on cloud computing, networking, big data, artificial intelligence, financial science and technology and strong technical accumulation, designed and developed a set of intelligent parking lot, roadside parking, parking and parking sharing in one of the intelligent parking the overall solution, the scheme has spaces of real-time data collection, monitoring, parking, parking for binding, online payment and supervision of law enforcement functions, safety, professional and scalability in the industry leading, pioneering fusion of "technology + financial wisdom traffic" development concept, to provide accurate financial services around the traffic infrastructure docking, to help the city to create a smart traffic high-end industrial base.

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