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Main development trend of stereoscopic garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

With the introduction of all kinds of high and new technologies in modern society, the stereoscopic garage is developing towards specialization, complication, intellectualization and automation.

(1) specialization: solid garage system is stable and reliable, and it can run normally without failure. It is the primary requirement of users. It is also the most important part of a parking lot system. Therefore, we must improve the specialization degree of the manufacturers so as to ensure the reliability of the equipment. The hardware and software facilities of the stereoscopic garage and the matching of all kinds of equipment should also reach the degree of specialization.

(2) complication: the development of the stereoscopic garage industry is diversifying. It is not only a purely mechanical device, but also a large number of advanced technologies in the fields of machinery, electronics, architecture, hydraulics, optics, magnetron, management and computer technology. Parking system has been perfected, such as car out of garage with sound and light guiding and positioning, vehicle size and weight, speed limit protection and automatic recognition of multi mechanism interlock parking, automatic tracking, automatic deformation compensation, the automobile safety detection, image recognition technology, the scientific management of the length of chain beyond the scope of alarm and elastic, comprehensive the use of advanced technology in various fields, has become an independent garage complex high technology equipment.

(3): intelligent stereo garage is becoming more and more toward the intelligent direction, some new technologies are rapidly entering the field, such as frequency conversion, automatic computer control system, navigation and positioning technology, image recognition technology, sensor technology, optical fiber communication technology, fire prevention, theft system, power outages and power failure automatically excluded and processing system. The computer automatic control system, to design and development of special hardware and software, which is suitable for the whole process of vehicle access management and control, especially for the "module" pavilion type three-dimensional garage elevator deployment, automatic feeding, automatic leveling for cars, should be fast, accurate and reliable. The setting of the system security device should form a closed loop with the dynamic process safety inspection, so as to ensure the safe operation of the process of the access vehicle.

(4) high automation: the high automation of the three-dimensional garage is mainly manifested in advanced automatic control technology and scientific management method. The control technology and the management method are each other, which greatly improves the efficiency of the access vehicle. Using the remote control technology and automatic identification system in the control method; and (Automatic Steering Vehicles parked outside the garage), the car can automatic parking garage to a suitable location, can realize unmanned operation; in terms of scientific management, the implementation of comprehensive management of computer center parking lot, the parking lot in computer monitoring under, including equipment monitoring, monitoring, monitoring the internal entrance parking lot, the parking lot running status information can be stored in the computer, through convenient man-machine interface, real-time query to achieve fault traffic flow statistics, query system, charge status query, import vehicle information inquiry, the running state of the system, at the same time can be set to print the report function.

The garage management system in the future is more open and flexible. The whole management system can achieve the integration of control and management, and the system operation is more simple and powerful. The garage can be incorporated into the management of the building automation system, access network, form a comprehensive computer network management information system, realize unmanned management of parking equipment.

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