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Is it easy to use the second floor to lift the garage?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The use rate of the two floor lift and cross garage is very high, so how good is it when the garage is used? Take a look at the analysis and you'll be able to know the answer.

Two layers of lifting and transversal garage in the use of the first convenience is more convenient than the underground parking lot. Because the two layer in the garage lifting and transferring time is for two layer lifting and transferring function, and the traditional underground parking does not have this function, so when in use, it is convenient to the underground parking garage is much better than.

In addition, the two floor lifting and transversal garage is also known as an intelligent parking lot when it is used. The reason is called the intelligent parking lot, the main reason is because it is in use when equipped with intelligent advantages, such as no parking in the parking storage if you accurate position when in use, then the system will automatically alarm, or management system will not automatically open.

Intelligent parking lot in the use of the advantage is more, on the one hand is the one that has a good convenience, because it is in use when strong intelligence, so when in use, will be able to bring us more convenient, also let parking into a more simple things.

Many people do not fully understand the intelligent parking lot before the question, think this thing is of no use in the use of time is, but when you carefully read the relevant information after it will find that the intelligent parking lot can be promoted and recognized because of powerful function, convenient so good can be recognized.

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