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Intelligent stereo garage development prospects
- Jul 03, 2018 -

There are many kinds and forms of smart stereo garages. How to select them depends on the environment of the garage, the target of service, and the construction cost. Generally consider the following principles, one is to adapt to the construction space and the surrounding environment; the second is based on people; the third is safe and reliable; the fourth is adequate enough.


Although smart garages have many advantages in solving the problem of urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties, there is still a gradual process to be widely accepted by the public. Its promotion and application must start from the following aspects. First of all, it is necessary to improve the vehicle access of the intelligent three-dimensional garage, so as to be safe, convenient and fast. The second is to strengthen publicity and change people's habits of illegally parking, and the effects of traffic police tickets alone are not very satisfactory. The third is to change the billing mechanism so that smart stereo garages and ground garages can compete on price.


The production and quantity of cars in China will continue to grow rapidly, and the demand for parking spaces will also grow rapidly. The increasing supply of urban land, which will inevitably lead to intelligent stereo garages. Therefore, it can be seen from the gap situation of the existing parking space and the demand of the future market that the international and domestic market prospects of the intelligent three-dimensional garage are very good.

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