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Intelligent parking management system
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Parking process:

a. The entrance and exit of the garage where the driver parked the car.

b. Inspection of the width and height of the vehicle driver at the entrance and exit

c. After swiping, check if there are any left pets or children, and close the security door to realize the shunting of people and cars.

c. The robot parked the car to the nearest location


Pickup process:

a. Drivers swipe at the entrance

 b. Robots transport vehicles to the entrance

 c. Automatic redirection

 d. Drivers pick up the car


Stereoscopic garage manufacturers are required to conduct regular maintenance and maintenance of special equipment. Maintenance work is divided into monthly insurance, quarterly insurance and annual insurance.

The smart stereo garage design scheme is flexible and can use the stereoscopic parking lot construction at any location. The construction of a three-dimensional parking lot can increase the commercial vibrancy of the old town and increase residents' happiness and sense of gain.

The elevator of the smart stereo garage is a similar elevator device for lifting the car to the corresponding parking floor in the garage. The turntable can be turned to the front when the vehicle is picked up to facilitate the user to pick up the car and improve the user experience.

Shuttles, also known as transverse trolleys, are used to traverse the car to the appropriate parking position in the same plane of the garage.

The control system is the brain of a three-dimensional parking lot, using advanced algorithms and parking to the nearest parking spot.

The parking management system can realize unattended management and pay by various payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, etc., and can use APP to make reservations.

The remote fault diagnosis system can realize the remote management and maintenance of the intelligent parking lot.

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