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Domestic demand analysis of three dimensional parking garage
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Parking problem is a static traffic problem in the development of the city. The static traffic is a kind of traffic form relative to the dynamic traffic, and the two are interrelated and interact with each other. For the vehicles in the city, the driving is dynamic and the parking is static. Parking facilities are the main contents of the city's static traffic. With the increasing number of vehicles in the city, the demand for parking facilities is also increasing. If the balance between them is not balanced, parking facilities can not meet the needs of vehicle growth and parking space, so the problem of parking is difficult.

Since 2000, the growth rate of motor vehicles in China has averaged 10% to 15%, while the average growth rate of urban roads is only 2% - 3%, especially the growth of motor vehicle ownership and traffic in big cities far exceeds the growth rate of transport infrastructure. Such as Beijing City, in 1990s, the average annual growth rate of up to 30% cars, especially private cars increase faster, 1992 - 1995 annual increasing rate reached more than 45%, is the city's vehicle average annual increase rate of three times, some of the year growth rate reached 100%, but the city road average growth rate of only 1.2%, the road area the growth rate of 3.7%. In the world, it is generally believed that the urban road area rate (the ratio of Urban Road area to the total urban area) should be 25%. Washington is 43% in Washington, 35% in New York and Manhattan, 23% in London, 13% in Tokyo, and 11% in Beijing. With the increasing number of motor vehicles, many large and medium-sized city is not only a serious blockage of dynamic traffic on the road, and occupy the road parking and parking occupied residential green space is more and more serious, which further exacerbated the traffic congestion, destroyed the city living environment. The situation of urban parking and parking is becoming more and more serious. It has already affected the investment environment and the city image. It has aroused widespread concern of all parties. Professional yard management companies have begun to pay attention to this problem.

Generally speaking, the problem of urban parking is mainly reflected in the contradiction between parking demand and parking space shortage, the contradiction between parking space expansion and urban land shortage.

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