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Application of intelligent parking system in residential district
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The intelligent parking lot system in residential quarters is still a new thing, and there is no unified national standard at present.

There is a great difference in the size of the residential district. The small person may be 200~300, the big one may be thousands of households, which generally takes 1000 as the dividing line. With 1000 as the base, with 30% private cars in the proportion of development space 20%, the 500 car belongs to a moderate. As the economic situation of the housing consumer groups is very inconsistent, the ownership rate of private cars is also extremely uneven. From the point of view of development, what degree will not be predicted in the future. Therefore, the current real estate developers can only be based on the design. In this sense, the number of management vehicles to 1000 sets can meet the actual needs of the vast majority of the residential areas in China.

The functional characteristics of the parking lot management system in the district:

The system has many advantages, such as strong system practicability, various types of charging settings, VIP users, fixed users, monthly rent users, stored value users and temporary users.

The intelligent image contrast system achieves entrance entry, automatic photography, entry and exit vehicle type, license plate image contrast, and effectively prevents stealing vehicle behavior.

High automation, automatic inspection of temporary vehicles, card service, to ensure a card per car. Computer voice prompts, help talk, equipped with high brightness LED in Chinese and English, digital display, automatic parking statistics, full site prompts, temporary vehicle computer billing and display, hardware equipment failure self inspection.

Strict charge, audit management, multi-level authority control design, to prevent artificial modification of charge data, to eliminate any form of fee errors;

Advanced card encryption and anti-counterfeiting technology, smart card, with unique read and write characteristics and security strategy, has strong anti-counterfeiting ability and self protection function, and is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments. It is reliable and durable. The system has the function of IC card missing and checking.


The parking lot management system is an efficient, fair, accurate, scientific and economical parking management tool, which realizes the integrated management of vehicle dynamic and static. From the original mechanical parking lot system to the application of the intelligent parking system nowadays, the parking lot system has been applied to various fields more and more, so that you can easily enjoy your intelligent life.

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